Annie’s Gold

Annie’s Gold Antiques & Collectibles,  owned by Deb and Jim Dysinger is at 2712 Colorado Blvd. (US Hwy 40) located in beautiful  Idaho Springs, Colorado. Take Exit 241 off I-70, where you’ll find us less than half a mile off the exit ramp on Colorado Blvd.  You may call or email if you need to make an evening appointment. Annie’s Gold has a beautiful collection of antiques, collectibles, jewelry, lighting, and other beautiful items to tempt you. Rather than store owners, we think of ourselves as collectors, sharing with collectors, helping loved and historic items move from home to home where they will be cherished.  Every item in our store has been hand-picked with attention to authenticity and hand-crafted quality.  To be an antique the item must be at least 100 years old with collectibles falling into the 40+ year old category, and all have been verified for age and origin. We also have gold nuggets from historic gold mines in the area available in the store. You’ll find a visit to Annie’s Gold to be more than a shopping experience. It’s a walk back in history, with every item having its own story.


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