Charlie Taylor Water Wheel

Many activities beckon in the historic mountain town of Idaho Springs, including mining and walking tours, museums, shopping, rafting, hiking, coffee shops, eateries and more. One breathtaking and iconic vista in Idaho Springs is Bridal Veil Falls as it plunges behind the Charlie Taylor Waterwheel into Clear Creek. The Water wheel was built in the 1890’s by gold miner Charlie Taylor. Charlie is a local legend of sorts. He attributed his longevity to the fact that he never bathed or kissed women.  Perhaps the first thing led to the second… The water wheel was moved from its original site – a 19th century gold mining stamp mill – to its present location in 1948. It was restored in 1988. The falls and water wheel are located on the south side of I-70 as one passes through Idaho Springs. This site is owned by the town, and is just one of many historic places in the area. If you love local history, check out what’s just around the corner in Idaho Springs.


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