We all have heard the mantra for the push to ‘go green’: reduce, reuse, recycle. This may be a fairly contemporary campaign, but it’s nothing new for Jim and Deb Dysinger. Cherishing and reusing old things has long been a way of ife for the Annie’s Gold owners. Deb has collected since she was a toddler, garnering her the nickname Second-Hand Annie, which has been incorporated into the name of the store. The Dysingers think of themselves as more than store owners. They are collectors, sharing with other collectors. Everything in their own home, outside of a sofa, a matress and some appliances, is at least one-hundred years old. And every item in their store has been hand-picked with attention to authenticity and hand-crafted quality.  To be an antique the item must be at least one-hundred years old and all items have been verified for age and origin, something that has been overlooked in recent years in the antique business. Each item in the store is a treasure, full of beauty and history, making a trip to Idaho Springs and Annie’s Gold well worth your time.


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