Main Street, U.S.A.

What image do the words, “Main Street, U.S.A.” invoke for you? Do you think Americana, little independent shops, historic buildings, and friendly people? Idaho Springs’ main street – Miner Street- is all these things. This small, friendly western town has art galleries, antique shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and more, along with historic architecture.  The downtown area between 13th and 17th was named as a National Historic District in 1984. You can stop by the Heritage Museum and Visitor Center or the Underhill Museum to purchase your copy of the Idaho Springs Walking Tour guide book ($5) and discover, at your own pace, the historic structures and people of Idaho Springs. You can stop in for the perfect cup of coffee at Java Mountain Roasters, or possibly choose something scrumptious to eat at the Mainstreet Restaurant. You can saunter over to Colorado Boulevard to visit Annie’s Gold and give your senses a treat. Or, you can just mosey through town, enjoying the architecture, the atmoshphere and the fresh mountain air. What you do here is up to you – it’s all waiting for you.


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