The Beauty of Age

In 1930 the United States legislature determined that an antique is anything older than 100 years. This was decided so that the customs officials could assess whether an item brought into the country qualified as an antique for duty-free import. Old things that are newer than 100 years are considered collectibles instead of antiques. When the owner of an antique knows the item’s provenance, the value may increase. Provenance is the history of the antique including who owned it, who made it, and where it has been from the time it was made until now. Sometimes provenance is documented in writing. Sometimes it is oral information passed down in a family.

Antiques are beautiful and functional. According to Deb, the co-owner of Annie’s Gold, “Why would you want to spend thousands of dollars on an iron bedstead that is made to look like the real thing, when for $125 you can get one that is 150 years old and built to last for another 200 years?” At Annie’s, every item in the store has been hand-picked with attention to authenticity and hand-crafted quality.  All of our antiques are “true” antiques, with collectibles falling into the 40+ year category, and all have been verified for age and origin. This is something that is not always done in an “antique store.” If you are a true collector, just love beautiful things, or don’t yet know anything about antiques, come on into Annie’s Gold. You’re in for a treat.

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