Something Real

Do you get tired of drive-thru coffee? For goodness sake, even McDonald’s has boutique coffees on its menu now – you can drink a “fast food” mocha with your hamburger, if you can stomach it. To be fair, McDonald’s has its niche, but sometimes what we crave is that hard to find something that simply can’t be found driving through at a fast-food restaurant.

Sometimes what we need is to pull our chair up to true coziness, drinking a made-to-order coffee from a real cup – with a handle, no less. Sometimes we need to walk into a place where we’re not assaulted by brand everywhere we look, where baristas are friendly and knowledgeable, where we’re viewed as customers, not just as a half-caff, non-fat, no-whip mochaccino. Sometimes what we need is a real … live … coffee shop.

Java Mountain Roasters has atmoshpere, fragrance, great coffee and smiling faces. They have that something you’re looking for. Come on in and have a cup.


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