Dr. & Mrs. Underhill

Dr. James Underhill was the first person in Colorado to earn his doctorate in geology and was a professor at the Colorado School of Mines. A surveyor and mining engineer, he came to Idaho Springs in 1897 and surveyed many of the city plots and mines in and around town. 

He and his wife, Lucy, constructed 1416 Miner Street as a combination home and office with two front entrances, one for business calls and the other for social visits. In 1963, Lucy deeded the building to the Idaho Springs Public Library for use as a museum. In 1964, it became the property as well as the management and preservation responsiblity of the Historical Society of Idaho Springs. At the back of the home is Lucy Underhill’s Victorian Garden and Courtyard. She loved gardening and grew delphiniums that were as much as two feet taller than she was. The courtyard was one of her favorite places to entertain guests.

The Underhill Museum offers a look into the home and gardens of this founding family of Idaho Springs. Step inside to experience a little slice of turn-of-the-century, mountain life.

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  1. I am a cataloger at the University of Houston Libraries. I would like to establish an authority record for Underhill, James, author of Mineral land surveying (our edition was published in 1906) Can you supply birth and death dates for this James Underhill, who was a professor at Colorado School of Mines? Thank you, Jack Hall, Head of Cataloging Services, University of Houston Libraries. email: jhall@uh.edu

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