Beautiful Things

According to the Collector’s Guide, while the art of Indian-crafted silver has flourished in the 20th century, all Indian jewelers can trace their art to a Navajo named Atsidi Saani, who learned blacksmithing at Fort Defiance, Arizona, in the 1850s.

When the Navajos returned to their homeland in 1868, they were no longer nomadic and in this more settled state, were able to teach and learn from each other.  Atsidi Saani began to take the metal working skills of the Navajo and apply it to silver. He then taught others to do the same.

Collecting antique silver and turquoise jewelry should be, above everything else, enjoyable. It is an affordable art form, and the pieces available at Annie’s Gold are beautiful and timeless – they can be worn in almost any situation, from dressing up a casual jeans outfit to complementing more formal attire.

The added bonus of collecting antique jewelry (versus buying reproductions) is that each piece comes with a story. You can imagine its personal history, the person who made it, the people who have worn it before you. Each piece has the individuality of its maker. Why own something that looks like the real thing, when you can actually own the real thing?

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