Now That’s Neighborly

When a big chain store comes into town, frequently they don’t care about the local economy, or their effect on the community. They don’t care what they do to Main Street, or how community culture is impacted by their presence. They really only care about one thing — profit.

Not so when businesses are owned by local people, residents in the community who care about the town they live in. They, too, must make a living — of course. But local owners care about so much more than that. Take, for example, Josh and Micheli, the owners of Mainstreet Restaurant in Idaho Springs. They are community minded, even to the extended mountain community including Evergreen, where they are participating in The Big Chili Cook-Off.¬†

Josh and Micheli give and live in Idaho Springs. So if you’re local, come on in to Mainstreet Restaurant. You’ll be visiting neighbors. And if you’re just passing through, and you stop for a meal – they’ll make you feel like a neighbor, too.

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