Shining Shoes

As long as people have been wearing shoes, they have incorporated various methods for keeping them clean. It used to be that the Shoe Shine Man was a common fixture – on the city sidewalks, in the train station, and in other spots around town. These days, they are not as common,  but you can still find shoe shining services in airports and malls. The shoe shining station of days gone by also varied – some men had a stand that was portable. Others used a shoe shine chair, running the spectrum of very simple to chairs displaying ornate scrollwork. 


At Annie’s Gold we love the history that comes with each item, and we love giving new life to old things. Owning an antique shoe shine chair is owning a little bit of history – it brings with it a small memory of every person who sat in it and the man who used it to shine shoes. Decoratively speaking, it’s also an item of beauty. We always welcome browsers at Annie’s – come on in and see the many beautiful items we have. Maybe our shoe shine chair will capture your imagination.

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