Antique Bottles

Some people are extremely serious about collecting antique bottles and jars. There is even a Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors that is devoted to antique bottles and glass. Maybe you’re that serious. And maybe you’re not.

Even those of us who are the most casual consumer of antiques are able to see and appreciate beauty. And there is something intrinsically lovely about an antique bottle. Maybe it is the beautiful color, or the slight waviness of the blown glass. A collection of bottles can make a stunning visual display. But old bottles are useful, too. You can use them to infuse your own vinegars and oils, or as a small vase for wildflowers. You can fill them with salad dressing, or wine, or virtually anything your imagination conjures up. And although it is perfectly acceptable to display your bottles, there is something particularly special about finding a use for them. When you repurpose something old, you give it new life, you create a function for it, and in so doing, you become part of its history.

Annie’s Gold is full of lovely things and each has its own story. We love helping antique items find a new home and new life. If you’ve never owned an antique, a bottle would be a perfect first acquisition. It’s simple, it’s small, and it’s truly beautiful.


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