Antique Books

As long as a book is still in print, one can get the words anywhere – even electronically. But for book lovers, there is something irreplaceable in holding a bound book in one’s hands. There is the smell of the paper and the ink. There is the solid feel of its weight. There are the feelings it invokes of past reading pleasures. It’s pure satisfaction.

That satisfaction is increased when the book is an antique. When one acquires an antique book, one acquires a treasure. Old books have unique bindings and beautiful endpapers. Frequently, there are hand-drawn illustrations and elaborate fonts. They are works of art and make beautiful displays.

Then there is the possibility of unexpected discoveries. The original owner’s name may be pencilled in on the first page. Or an old postcard or picture may be tucked between the pages. Our family has a well-loved book of poetry that is just like this. It was owned by Mildred, who wrote her name inside the front cover with her precise schoolgirl penmanship. She went through the table of contents and marked her favorites. And inside is a postcard, written to her by a friend many decades ago. When we pick up that book, it sparks the imagination ~ taking us to a different time. We sometimes imagine Mildred holding that book, and reading those poems. It has become more than a book. It is a work of art, and a treasure map to the past. 

Annie’s Gold has many antique books. When your adventuring spirit puts you in the mood for treasure hunting, come in and see what delightful nuggets you can find to spark your own imagination. 


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