Grown-Up Grilled Cheese

Something about the changing weather stirs up a craving in people for what we call *comfort foods*. Perhaps we long for our mother’s kitchen, where love was expressed to us through food, where we felt safe and cared for. Or maybe it’s some biological clock from ages past telling our brains to prepare for winter. Whatever it is, we know what we want. We want mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, hot chocolate, whipped cream and grilled cheese sandwiches. These foods, in order to qualify as comforting, need to be made with care, using quality ingredients. It matters how they’re made.

Sometimes I just crave a grilled cheese – crisp on the outside, and oozing with warmth on the inside. But I’ll be honest – I don’t want my daughter’s grilled cheese. I want something made for a grown-up ~ something worthy of my attention. 

Mainstreet restaurant serves just such a sandwich. When I want food that will stick to my ribs and fill me with happiness, I head over to Mainstreet for house-made bread, buttered and grilled to perfection and filled with ooey-gooey real cheese goodness. It’s not my mama’s kitchen – but it’s as close as it gets.

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