Meet Me in Idaho Springs: Best Morning

It was the kind of day that reminds a person of why they live in the mountains, why the winter snow doesn’t seem that big, and the deer gobbling down your flowers every summer becomes unimportant.  It was autumn in the over-achieving, just off the highway, town of Idaho Springs, Colorado, the place you stopped on your way to the resorts to grab a bite to eat, but for Ricky, short for Ericka, this was home, and fall was the season of seasons.  Ricky stepped out onto Main Street and was immediately swept up in the buzz of folks setting up for the Friday Farmer’s Market, the kids carefully choosing their pumpkins for the upcoming carving contest.  Asta, from Java Mountain Roasters was launching her Autumn Gold blend for fall and you could smell the beans coming to perfection from the street.  Two doors down at the Main Street Restaurant, Josh’s “better than mom’s” cinnamon bread was coming out of the oven, ready to slice and slather with butter.  Ricky breathed in deeply and made a decision.  An Autumn Gold Americano with cream was exactly what this October morning called for.


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