At Mainstreet Restaurant, we love bringing a little Brazilian flair to the table. One of our favorite dishes to serve is Brazil’s national dish, Feijoada. Feijoada is a black bean, sausage, and pork stew served on jasmine rice with traditional accompaniments of farofa (toasted manioc flour), vinaigrette, orange slices, and sauteed kale. We smoke our meats in house, which ensures superior flavor. Come in for a little taste of Brazil and some hometown atmosphere. We’re betting that once you’ve tasted our Feijoada, you’ll be back for more.


Christmas Cheer

Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas is just around the corner! Are you already in the holiday spirit, or do you need some help getting there? Don’t miss the fun of the Idaho Springs annual Christmas Decorating Contest. It’s a little friendly competition that’s sure to get you in the holiday mood and cash prizes will be awarded to those with the best display. Check out the link for more information on how to be a part of some small town Christmas cheer!

Christmas Decorating Contest


Meet Me in Idaho Springs – Teddy Roosevelt

One of the great things about Idaho Springs was its small town atmosphere of shops lining Main Street and people visiting on street corners, without some of the provincial thinking that could make a small town oppressive.  Every community, be it big or small, had its characters, the people who inspired the “only in …” phrase.  Idaho Springs embraced their citizens who teetered on the ragged edge of sanity, certain that without them, the town simply wouldn’t be right.  There was the man whose name nobody was sure of, because he tended to claim to be someone different every week.  This week he was Teddy Roosevelt, sporting a very dapper cowboy hat with the right brim tacked up, and a pair of rounded specs with no glass in them.  He loved reminiscing about San Juan Hill as he sipped his morning latte` at Java Mountain Roasters.  Asta always gave him free biscotti if he promised to stay at his own table and let the other patrons come to him rather than the other way around.  When Ricky stepped into the coffee shop she was immediately enveloped in the aromas of fresh, deeply roasted coffee, and the smile of one Stanton Christophersen, who was currently rapt in conversation with Teddy.  Ricky ordered a Pumpkin Spice Breve Latte with whipped cream and a salted, caramel biscotti and sat down next to Teddy, across from the adorable Stan.  He was handsome this morning.  She sipped her drink, happy to revel the charms of these two interesting men.

A Small Village

“I wish I could show you the little village where I was born. It’s so lovely there…I used to think it too small to spend a life in, but now I’m not so sure.”  ~ Mary Kelly

I am thankful for my small-town life…

Kona Coffee

Kona coffee is Coffea arabica which is cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona Districts of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is one of the most expensive coffees in the world because only coffee from the Kona Districts can be described as “Kona”. The heritage trees in the Kona districts have been developed over the past 175 years on the west side of Hawaii. The mix of sunshine and rainfall, combined with porous, mineral rich volcanic soil creates favorable coffee growing conditions and produces a coffee that is typically mild and sweet with a hint of spice.

The coffee plant was brought to the Kona district in 1828 by Reverend Samuel Ruggles, from Brazilian cuttings. The coffee market crashed in 1899, and big coffee plantations became a thing of the past, replaced by small family farms.  The tradition of running family farms has continued throughout Kona to this day. Since the first introduction of coffee here,  Hawaii has been the only state in the US to commercially grow it. According to the Kona Coffee Council, the rocky location and the fact that the coffee does not ripen all at the same time means the Kona trees cannot be mechanically harvested. Since they must inspect each bean as they are picked, you are assured a perfect cup of coffee, which was picked when ripe, and not a combination of immature or overripe beans. This excellent quality has made Kona coffee one of the most highly valued coffees in the world.