The Ultimate Comfort

Believe it or not, the weather is about to turn cooler. Here in the mountains, we already feel the change in the coolness of our evenings. The days are quickly coming when we’ll wake up to a cold house, we’ll exchange sandals for thick socks and warm shoes, our tank tops will be put away and replaced with sweaters, and the furnace and fire place will again be used.

One of the most comforting things about Autumn is the pleasure of drinking something warm – especially if it’s coffee. You wrap your cold fingers around the cup, letting the warmth sink in. You inhale the heady aroma of a fresh brew. And for those of us who are long-time coffee drinkers, there is the association we have of coffee and well-being. It’s like a little bit of sunshine right in your hands.

Enjoy the sunny days while they linger. Then look forward to the cold, because with it comes a warm cup of joe.


The Perfect Bean

What, exactly, makes a good coffee bean? Are some beans just born better than others? Maybe – it helps to grow beans at higher altitudes (above 3,500 to 5,500 feet) so that the bean doesn’t get too hot or grow too fast and take on more water. Because of slower growth, the beans become denser and are better able to handle the intense heat in a roaster.

It helps to be picked when the beans are super ripe – big, red, and meaty – mature and fully developed. It is best if the beans are processed immediately, so the bean can stand on its own and not have negative interaction with warm air, microbe, etc. This involves drying the bean and milling, which is removing the last layers of dry skin and remaining fruit residue from the now dry coffee, and cleaning and sorting it. 

Good beans will come from diligent and careful handling in the mill in order to not have the good beans compromised by the bad beans. In other words, the beans are sorted and good coffee beans are set aside.

Basically, a good bean is born that way. There is very little one can do to improve the quality of a harvested bean, but careful handling is essential to maintain these good qualities. The final step before brewing that is critical in producing a good cup of coffee from a good bean is a roaster that is willing to pay attention to the potential a coffee has and roast the beans with care and attention. This is why at Java Mountain Roasters we carefully choose our beans and roast them ourselves in-house. We love coffee, and our goal is to make the perfect cup every time.

Run to the Mountains

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.” John Muir

A Good Cup of Joe

What makes a great cup of coffee? Is it pure water? Is it choosing coffe beans with excellent qualities? Is it freshly roasted beans, roasted to perfection and glitening with the natural oils of the bean? Is it grinding those beans immediately before brewing? Is it using the right ratio of water to coffee, or brewing with exactly the right method, or brewing for just the right amount of time? Maybe it is all these things.

At Java Mountain Roasters, we start by choosing the coffee beans with the character and qualities we desire. We then roast the beans ourselves, with the aim of producing a simply delectable cup. The result of our hands-on approach is a fragrant, smooth cup of Joe. So come on in, smell the heady fragrance of our beans roasting, sit a while, and enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures: a really good cup of coffee.