The Roberts Brothers

The Roberts Brothers Grocery was one of the successful businesses in Idaho Springs in the late 1800s. Today, the building is a bank.


51st Annual Georgetown Christmas Market

Come join the 51t annual Georgetown Christmas market. This year the market is on December 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th! Enjoy food vendors, craft vendors, Dickensian carolers, horse-drawn wagon rides, roasted chestnuts, bonfire, Santa Lucia Children’s Procession, Santa’s Polar Express Train Rides, shops, wassail competition, restaurants and so much more! This is a European-inspired market with free entertainment and admission. Don’t miss this fun, family-oriented event which will include appearances by St. Nicholas in his traditional robes! This fabulous Christmas event is 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. all four days in historic Georgetown. Bundle up and enjoy the quaintness of the town and the gaiety of the season as Georgetown decks itself out for Christmas!

A Famous Drinker

Being a mining town, Idaho Springs once ran with rivers of alcohol. Well – not really, but miners loved to drink and the accepted story is that at one point in time, there were more taverns in town than homes. On January 6, 1917, Colonel Buffalo Bill Cody, famous for his Wild West shows, made one of these taverns famous. On this day he shared a drink with local miners in the Duck Inn (now known as the Patten Building). He was extremely ill at this time and died several days later. This saloon went down in history as the place where Buffalo Bill had his last drink, a mixture of whiskey and cider called the Stone Fence. 

Henry Plummer

Henry Plummer left his native Maine as a young man and came to the West, poor and alone, journeying from one place to another, seeking his fortune. He came to Idaho Springs during the Colorado gold rush of 1859 and and made a claim on Chicago Creek. With hard work, panning in the creek, Plummer extracted gold amounting to about $30,000, which became the foundation of his independent fortune. He served as the town’s first banker as well as one of the first City Council members. In the early 1880s, Plummer purchased and developed commercial properties along Miner Street such as his own business at 1518 Miner St., Henry Plummer & Co., Flour, Hay, Grain & Coal. This building is now occupied by Mainstreet Restaurant. Next time you come in for breakfast, take just a moment to read the historic marker on the Plummer Building. Rich history is all around in Idaho Springs.

Cowboy Band

The Idaho Springs Cowboy Band crica 1902.


Music has always been a rich part of the fabric of Idaho Springs. The Cowboy Band is still makin’ music!


Sometimes the flavor of a town is best seen in its history. Browsing through old pictures gives us a tiny hint of where we have come from as a people and as a locale. Even in this little mountain mining town, education of the local children was always important. The first School in Idaho Springs was located on 17th Avenue. Miss Anna Marble was the first teacher, in 1861. 




In 1884, nine lots were purchased at l3th and Colorado Blvd. for a new eight-room school. Through many years and many transitions, and two new high school buildings, the Clear Creek school district has gone from western mining town beginnings to the modern school system we have now. 




Clear Creek High School Golddiggers have, throughout their history, excelled at many sports. This picture is the 1905 Women’s Basketball team – playing in skirts with their hair piled up on their heads! From such humble beginnings we have arrived at the excellent schools and sports teams we now have. Go Golddiggers!!