Meet Me in Idaho Springs – Connection

Great Aunt Pearl had been a great hit with all of the Halloween Walkers, scaring the children just a bit with the baggy support hosiery around her ankles and the large mole on her chin, and making their parents, the ones who might actually buy jewelry laugh and share stories about female relatives with the same lovable, disheveled persona.  Ricky had marked everything in the store down by her usual Halloween discount of 35% and making deals of earrings thrown in with pendants and toe rings with bracelets.  The “Black Heart” pendant had gone to an out of towner,  who had come up for the festivities, and who ended up purchasing a chocolate diamond and pearl set for his wife for Christmas.  Stanton Christophersen, the Ryan Reynolds guy, came to the shop after his store closed and bought a pin to send to his mom who it turned out lived in Roanoke, Virginia, where Ricky had attended college. Stanton, who sometimes went by Stan, was a geologist and quite knowledgeable about some of the stones Ricky used in her jewelry, which gave them something to talk about without getting too personal, which by Ricky’s estimation, felt quite safe.  When she asked him how a geologist got into the vintage clothing, consignment shop business, he smiled and said, “I think a piece of clothing, just like an old rock, that serves a purpose, or brings joy into someone’s life should be given a chance to do it again.  You and I are really in the same business,” he continued.  “You give rocks a second chance to shine, and I do the same for your grandma’s shoes.”  After that they shared a cinnamon roll at the Main Street Restaurant, and Stanton insisted she take the gooey sweet center roll.  Ricky was starting to like him.


Meet Me in Idaho Springs: The Decision

The dilemma was Halloween.  In Idaho Springs if you didn’t dress up people asked if you had been ill.  Ricky’s trademark costume was a witch with long spider web fingernails and a hat that made it hard to walk through the average doorway, but last year the hat had blown off and landed in the street where it was trampled by a guy on a Vespa that was covered in orange lights.  So now she had no hat, and you couldn’t be a proper witch without one.  She was feeling a little panicked because tonight was the night that the Main Street businesses would be open for trick or treating and general milling around.  Asta was serving her “Creepy Caldron Coffee” that came with a plastic spider on the side of the cup, Josh and Michelli would be handing out miniature whoopee pies with cobweb frosting, and the brewery had some sort of bat-wing brew for patrons to sample.  Ricky made jewelry, all by hand with semi-precious stones and some intricate detail.  Trick or treaters to her studio would get their name in a drawing for a chance to win her onyx and coral pendant that she had just completed.  She called it “Black Heart” in keeping with the holiday.  She was expecting a crowd and couldn’t greet them without a costume.  That’s when she decided to go to the new consignment store and get a dress and possibly a wig that could make her look like her great Aunt Pearl.  She would put on too bright lipstick and tuck a hanky into her cleavage, and her witch shoes could easily double as Aunt Pearl footwear.  She ran across the street into the store, and there he was-the Ryan Reynolds guy, behind the counter.  She should have looked more closely at the card he gave her where it said he was the proprietor of “Repeat Performance”, the new consignment shop in town.  He was wearing a dark gray sweatshirt and jeans, and he looked like he belonged.  Ricky pulled his card out of her coat pocket and looked at his name.  If you were going to buy an old ladies dress from someone, it was only right to introduce yourself.