Annie’s Gold Antiques & Collectibles

~ Annie’s Gold ~

Collectors Sharing with Collectors

by KristinWitt

There is a push in this country to place value on what has
come before us, to preserve our resources and limit what is thrown away.  The
lifestyle of re-use and refurbish is thought to be correct, even noble, but it
is far from a new idea.  In fact, it has long been a way of life for store
owners Debora and Jim Dysinger.
Their store, Annie’s Gold, located at
2712 Colorado Boulevard (US Highway 40) in Idaho Springs, is a compilation of
their life long passion for old things.  Rather than store owners, they think of
themselves as collectors, sharing with collectors, helping loved and historic
items move from home to home where they will be cherished.  “I have collected
literally since I was a toddler,” Deb says, explaining that she was given the
nickname Second Hand Annie as a child, which has carried over to the name of the
store, and much of the store is from their personal collection.  They also carry
a few consigned items as well as a large collection that they purchased from an
estate in Leadville, Colorado which features some beautiful Victorian era
lighting among other things.
Every item in their store has been
hand-picked with attention to authenticity and hand-crafted quality.  To be an
antique the item must be at least 100 years old with collectibles falling into
the 40+ year category, and all have been verified for age and origin, something
that has been overlooked in recent years in the antique business.  But it is so
much more than a business to the Dysingers.  They live in a home where outside
of their mattresses, appliances and a sofa, everything is at least 100 years
old.  Deb says, “Why would you want to spend thousands of dollars on an iron
bedstead that is made to look like the real thing, when for $125 you can get one
that is 150 years old and built to last for another 200 years?”Annie’s Gold is a feast for the senses with something fascinating in every
corner, and each piece comes with a story.  A walk through the store with Deb
reveals a tale of how a vase or a cabinet came to the store and the effort made
to restore its original beauty.  Annie’s Gold is definitely worth taking the
first Idaho Springs exit off of I-70, where you’ll find them less than half a
mile up the first road into town.
So we understand the “Annie” part of
the name, but what is significant about “Gold”?  As it happens, many years ago,
Deborah’s father purchased several of the mines around Idaho Springs and Jim and
Deb on occasion make a trip to one of the closed mines where they gather ore
from a deserted stockpile.  They sell the gold nuggets and pyrite in the store,
another piece of the area’s history preserved.  Visit
to view merchandise.

We are located at 2712 Colorado Blvd.

Idaho Springs, CO.
for more information call

(303) 567-2676

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